Money Matters

Lemon Law - What to do when you get a lemon.

February 01, 2023 Brought to you by Neighbors Federal Credit Union Episode 23
Money Matters
Lemon Law - What to do when you get a lemon.
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Show Notes

So you've finally bought yourself that car you had your eye on for so long. It's exciting to get behind the wheel of that brand-new ride. Until it's not. Until you find out that this new ride of yours is a complete lemon. What do you do now? You just want your new car to work like it's supposed to and no one seems to be able to make that happen.

Kim sits down with attorney Rusty Messer of Big River Attorneys to discuss your options when it comes to the Louisiana Lemon Law. (Here's a bit of a spoiler, it's not really called the Lemon Law in Louisiana.) Find out what your options and next steps should be if you ever find yourself in the position of owning a lemon.

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